Hello Again!

3 min readApr 5, 2024

Am I making a comeback? Nope, but just felt like I should say hello!

Photo by Artem Bryzgalov on Unsplash

Man the last few years has been an interesting ride, for anyone that has followed along and had so many ups and downs right beside me.

There are a significant number of things I would change about how certain things turned out for all of us — everyone who’s been here can probably name a lot of the specific ones, so I’m not even going to go down that path.

So What’s Up Now?

Thought it might be worth reconnecting a bit — for no specific reason than I really liked having connected with many of you guys and who knows what those connections can do for any of us in the future!

Over the last year since my focus has shifted back to more real world things I’ve been keeping plenty busy.

I’m working with our local economic development agency, specifically under a grant to help create scalable tech startups in rural America — so that’s a blast. I really enjoy getting to talk with people nearly every week about business ideas they have — some tech related many not — but to be able to give insight and feedback from my past experiences and help drive them forward.

I’ve also been teaching classes at a regional university. I’ve had a Cybersecurity class, and currently teaching a Web Development class. I’ve really enjoyed this too, getting to connect with the students and see some of the students that I’ve worked with move on to some really great jobs that were inspired directly by the classes I’ve been teaching.

Overall, like I said the last year for me has been about being more involved and connected in the real world — working to be more involved with our local and regional community and participating in things that I have never taken the time to get involved in because I was always too busy building the software company.

So what’s next?

I don’t know — you tell me! :)

A big part of the last year has been taking a break mentally, allowing things to happen around me, having open ended discussions and watching for a general spark of “what’s next” to happen.

Honestly I’ve got string of projects that have been shaping up in my head, even a few decent MVPs started that just need a little focus when I’m ready. Certainly nothing disruptive, but some fun solid ideas around generative ai (like everyone else right now).

I’ll probably share more about some of my projects I’m working on at some point, I’m sure there are some great insights that some of you could lend and we might have some fun with that when the time is right.

Honestly I just wanted to put something out to say hello, see who’s still out here.

Say hello in the comments. You’re more than welcome to try and catch me on Telegram, but I open the old JCCrypto account maybe once a month at this point — so might take me a minute to get back! Maybe in the future it might even be fun to do a little live hangout somewhere — maybe even get Mikey involved so people could laugh a bit!

Are you there guys? It’s me, JC! (Bonus points to those that get that)




Just a regular guy, that sold his software company and is always on the lookout for what's next